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About the Book

MEASURING and improving the performance and strategic contribution of the human resources department has fast become a mandatory directive for HR professionals. “Fix everything!” “Measure and improve HR’s processes and overall service quality!” “Provide strategic value and return on investment!”

HR must demonstrate that it can deliver efficient and effective daily HR operations. This is not accomplished through a single initiative, but is the result of an ongoing commitment to excellence that manifests in continuing efforts to constantly improve—and to maintain and build on these improvements over time.

Many books have been written about how HR professionals can and should develop more strategic roles in their organizations and contribute to the proverbial bottom line.  But none have adequately addressed improving quality of transactional functions all the way up to the macro-level decision making of the human resources department.

HR thought leader, Scott Weston, PHD, SPHR, brings you his unique vision on how HR professionals can improve their contribution in their organizations and build the skills they need to function in the changing business environment where outsourcing, metrics, and return on on investment are all mission critical topics.

HR Excellence can be utilized by Senior VPs of HR at multinational corporations, middle managers and front-line HR professionals alike, as well as HR generalists at small to medium organizations who find themselves buried in administrative responsibilities. It’s an invaluable resource, highlighting the quality-improvement processes and analysis tools needed during all phases of HR improvement initiatives.

HR Excellence: Improving Service Quality and Return on Investment in Human Resources is a quick-start guide to improving HR operations, distilling a large volume of management science, quality, and process-improvement tools into something HR professionals can quickly grasp and put to use in HR today!

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